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This is just a short description of the forum were we should probably say smth

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    Hello, hoping to join your guild.


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    Hello, hoping to join your guild. Empty Hello, hoping to join your guild.

    Post by Lamce Fri May 30, 2014 10:20 am

    Hello, my name is Zach.  I have recently returned to DotD wtih a level 541.  I took a year off, and decided recently to play again.  My stats are as following

    Att: 1544
    Def: 635
    HP: 690
    E: 783
    Stam: 1502
    Perc: 185

    Currently, I am working on getting Dahrizon.  I asked on the chat if anybody needed somebody for a guild, and somebody provided me your webpage.  I was informed that my stamina is too high, so my stats will be focused on Energy and Attack.  If you would like me in your guild, I would love to join.  Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Hello, hoping to join your guild. Empty Re: Hello, hoping to join your guild.

    Post by Kalia Fri May 30, 2014 7:05 pm

    Sure thing, there's still some places left after Easter holidays.
    If u pls changed your forum name to the game one it would be much easier to identify u Wink

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