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This is just a short description of the forum were we should probably say smth

    Guild Rules


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    Guild Rules Empty Guild Rules

    Post by Admin Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:50 am

    We are friendly and helpful and looking for new active members!
    Our guild is 17th best handling Campaigns on the Kong server, and there are 1000+ guilds!!!
    Come and join us!

    After joining:
    Like a Star @ heaven You are encouraged to register on this forum with your in-game name. A Forum-Account is not a must have, but you will find useful stuff in our forum like Tips&Tricks that sometimes even luminaries didn't know yet... Or useful links for easier Gameplay...
    Like a Star @ heaven A Forum-Account is never required, but when you want your Rank back before a Promotion Ban ends or to influence a poll against kicking you it's the only way!
    Like a Star @ heaven There's a glitch sometimes saying your name is already taken. If you meet it, just register with any other name and then change to the in-game name in profile.
    Like a Star @ heaven Make yourself familiar with the Forum and participate in important Guild-Decisions like Camp-Planning, Raid-Farming,etc.! Every voice counts!
    Like a Star @ heaven Fill the Time Sync info: TIME-SYNC-INFO

    Like a Star @ heaven If you are going to be inactive for time longer than a week , write about it here on the forum in the appropriate topic ( https://honorandglory.forummo.com/f8-inactivity-announcements ) so you don't get kicked for inactivity.

    Like a Star @ heaven Rhalmarius: 200m damage cap for first 12 hours (Timer reach 72h). Please use other big/short timed raids as honor dumps and let as many players hit him - he gives a lot of GXP and Reputation.
    Like a Star @ heaven Grundus: Same as Rhal, but 350m damage cap till timer reach 60h.
    Like a Star @ heaven Do NOT tag 10-men raids - you are blocking a slot for someone who might get AP on it. Only hit them if you can do at least FS damage.
    Like a Star @ heaven When a summoner of a shared raid post a raid with delay or write a "Don´t kill" in raid chat, then don´t kill it cause the summoner will lose access to RC. Same for publishing raids from other guildies = not allowed!

    Raid summons:
    Like a Star @ heaven When News on Guild tab states NO RAIDS it means NO RAIDS. Under pain of demotion.
    Like a Star @ heaven When News on Guild tab states NO BIG RAIDS or NO SHORT TIME RAIDS it means NO BIG RAIDS or NO SHORT TIME RAIDS. Under pain of demotion.
    Like a Star @ heaven For reference see: http://dotd.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Guild_Raids.
    Like a Star @ heaven Any other summoning when news tab clearly states an order not to summon at all or just not to summon a special type of raid must be granted by consensus of several guild Officers. Under pain of demotion.

    CAMP-GUIDE <<< read our Campaign Guide to understand how we handle Camps and especially Regen-Nodes.
    For short we have on Camp 5 important Rules:
    Like a Star @ heaven We use on regen nodes an 1B-Buffer before node is regaining health (so half-health+1B), don´t tag or hit buffer before a killer-team is assigned! Under pain of demotion.
    Like a Star @ heaven So don´t trigger Buffer or even a regen-node below half-health to regen-phase before a kill-team is assigned. Under pain of demotion!
    Like a Star @ heaven Don´t be a Nodesleeper! Leave Nodes when not doing Fairshare on 25/50 ppl nodes! When endangering the node or much ppl are in queue because of u, demotion!
    Like a Star @ heaven Collection-Nodes! Only 5 of each item are allowed to contribute unless In-Game-News state other Total! Under pain of demotion!
    Like a Star @ heaven New: We get stronger and stronger so we need to use Cap´s now for Nodes like Boss, Byron! Most 1,5B cap for first 8 hours  Cool 

    On Adventures summoner can write their own rules in Adv-Chat. But when Adv-Chat don´t state another thing like a timer or to fire at will, a good guideline is:
    Like a Star @ heaven A Node has 600% amount of tiles, so FS = 120% on a node
    Like a Star @ heaven A Boss has 4 Million health, so FS = 800k on a boss
    Like a Star @ heaven When u join an adventure, u also have to embark and participate or u just block a slot!
    Like a Star @ heaven Reading or asking is gold, so before acting, read adv-chat or follow the FS-Line, or communicate with summoner in Chat before shredding smth Razz
    Like a Star @ heaven We all have a brain, so i hope u too, so use it! Communicate, ask, read on ur first steps before shredding or u make urself unpopular and no one want to make adventures with you anymore and summon their adventures only private when often ppl shred some...
    Like a Star @ heaven For more reference we have an adventure topic in forum with nice tricks tactics etc.

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